Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Can you be disappointed in a movie, and still think it was good? Because that’s somehow where I am with this movie.
I wanted to love this movie so badly. I really did.  They finally go in a different direction, switching some stuff up, like not having a Death Star, and I still left disappointed somehow. Maybe it’s because my expectations were so high but still, really disappointed. The movie itself wasn’t awful or anything, it’s actually really fun, with nonstop action, but I kept waiting for a few things to happen that just didn’t. If they had changed like 3 or 4 things it could have been really awesome. I went into this movie with expectations of this being my new favorite from the franchise and that may be why I thought it fell somewhat short of my expectations. Maybe with some lowered expectations I’ll like it a lot more, but the mistakes it made were pretty big for me to just look past, which is where the disappointment sits.
Let’s go over the big changes I would have made in this movie.
1. We wait 2 years, running through our minds all the crazy theories about who Snoke is, and then, you just kill him without any answers? Alrighty. Even though, the entire scene where he dies, and Kylo and Ren fight the knights together, could be one of the most badass scenes in the franchise.
2. Same thing with Ren and her parents. Crazy, mysterious build up for them to be…. Nobodies. You cannot have both of you big hidden secrets be complete duds and I thought these were.  When you build something in secret for two years, to only have both things be nothing, it really ruins the reveal.
3. Don’t get me started on how Leia survives that explosion basically unscathed, after just floating into space. Maybe I just don’t understand that scene?  That scene would be pretty unbearable just in general but you add the fact that she has passed away and it just goes to brutally bad now.  To see her floating in space, seemingly dead, was a really tone deaf thing to keep in that movie.
4. Where the hell are the Knights of Ren? They were built up in the Force Awakens, and mentioned yet again in this movie, but yet, nowhere to be seen yet? I really hope this is something that shows up in Episode IX or else why even mention them to begin with really.
5. They have ruined Luke Skywalker.  I am sorry, but they made Luke into some (attempted) murdering coward who won’t own up to any of his mistakes.  He has basically decided to run away and hide, while the rest of the galaxy tries to clean up his mess with Kylo.  How can you ruin a character so badly and not have this be a bigger deal? Mark Hamill has even said how disappointed he was about what they did to Luke in this movie.
The highs of this movie were absolutely incredible to watch, but it, much like the Force Awakens, has some bad lows.  Even though it may not seem like it, I somehow still really enjoyed it, and I’m going to go into episode IX with Clone Wars expectations, so I can be blown away by it.

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