Oh Matt Damon, what have you done?

I am not sure where to really begin with this one, except to say it is not the worst thing Matt Damon has done in the last two years movie wise, but that is not saying much.

I was really interested in seeing this because it seemed like it could be a really interesting, almost sci-fi take on something like this, but it was not that at all.  It turned into another save the planet movie that ended up seeming really forced, and borderline unbearable by the time the movie finally ended.  It was only 2:20 but it felt like watching The Godfather epic with none of the good parts.

While it was going on I was actually invested in it, and it just randomly turned into a complete joke, and then, just, ended.  There was no warning it was just the credits.  Not that I wanted this movie to be any longer, but if you are going to make something like this, you need some type of ending.

Can I say though, that if there is any bright spot to this movie, it is Hong Chau.  She was incredibly good in this movie from the second she steps on screen.  Very charming, and really funny, but it was not enough to save the movie to even make it watchable at the very least.



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