Why “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” Sucks

First off, I would not say the movie as a whole sucked, visually it was incredible, Harrison Ford was well Harrison Ford, and Daisy Ridley was awesome.  Other than that, after now 4 or 5 watches, I struggle to find anything good about this movie, from the incredibly lazy writing, to the lack of coming up with a different storyline. It was predictable, and really disappointing. It was just the original trilogy wrapped into one film we have been waiting a decade to see. 

SPOILERS AHEAD so if you have not seen the movie, stop reading.

For starters, the opening scene involves storm troopers killing people in a village, while a droid is given important information by someone, right before they get captured. The information of course has to be given to the good side and then it is all downhill from there.  Soon to follow the droid (BB-8), is stuck on a desert planet trying to figure out a way to get the information into the right hands.  Episode IV anybody?

A girl gets captured by the dark side and of course, 2 guys and a Wookie fly off to rescue her.  During the rescue mission, we see the father like figure to Daisy Ridley’s Rey, Han Solo die much like we saw Obi-Wan die in, you guessed it, Episode IV.  In fact, the big spoiler was so obvious that even like in Episode IV, Kylo Ren (Vader like figure) even says “Han Solo” as soon as he senses his presence on the new Death Star, exactly like we saw Vader do with Obi-Wan in Episode IV.  A few scenes later we see Han confront his son (shocker) Ren, while Ridley and her friend zoned pal Finn (much like Luke was with Leia before they knew they were siblings) watch in horror, as Solo is killed.

Just when you thought the dark side had learned their lesson building giant death machine that have one weak spot that can blow the entire thing up, think again.  Ah yes, another Death Star, that goes and destroys a few planets that are loyal to the rebel alliance, that much like the Death Star before it has one big weakness that can destroy the entire thing.  Just shut down the shields on the planet, and fly some X-Wings low in a trench and boom, threat eliminated.

While those things were annoying to me the biggest issue I have is that Kylo Ren, a guy who has grown up training in the ways of the force, gets his ass BEAT by Ray in a lightsaber duel.  I am sorry but how does she go from never holding a lightsaber, and never using the force, to being just as powerful as this big bad villain is?  It should not have happened, and I do not really want to hear otherwise.

All in all it was not an awful film if you put it in a vacuum, but I cannot do that, and I even went back to see it a second time just to make sure I was not overreacting to how I felt about it. Sadly, I was just as disappointed.  To me, this was just a remake of a movie and a storyline that I have been watching with the other movies from the past.  I thought that they had a great opportunity to really make something different, and special but I feel they missed the chance.  I have seen Episode IV a million times, and did not want to see it again, and that is what I was given with Episode VII.


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