A Look Back: 127 Hours

This was one of my favorite movies of 2011 and I believe it is some of Boyles best work to date, rivaling Beach, Slumdog Millionaire, and 2015’s Steve Jobs. I would say this is my personal favorite out of those while some might now agree, it is really a very well-done movie that will be something that holds up for years to come.

If you can get James Franco to be nominated for an Oscar I think that is worth major points in ranking a movie, because let’s be honest, Franco is not exactly the best actor and has had some dreadful roles in the past. I thought that he was able to really grab a hold of this role and truly earned his Oscar nom for the performance. This is basically a one-man movie, outside of a few moments with a couple of girls, one being the wonderful Kate Mara, he is basically on his own carrying the movie. That is something that can go horribly wrong if the actor is not believable in the role, or just plain bad and in Franco’s case he was none of those things.

I would also add the scene where he (spoiler alert) has to cut off his arm still makes me want to pass out. I swear if I was in that position, I am pretty sure I would not be able to cut off my arm to make it out, because well I am just not that manly of a dude if we are being honest.

Sometimes when I go back and watch movies from a few years ago I do not enjoy them as much as I remember, but 127 Hours was just as good some 5 years later as it was when I first saw it in theaters. I recommend going back and giving it a watch if you have time to kill on a Sunday afternoon sometime.


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