The Emoji Movie

Whatever you do, do not go and see this movie.  I really do not understand how you can screw up a kids movie this badly but director Tony Leondis somehow pulled it off.  The movie had every chance to be somewhat of a hit in the age of smartphones and millennials but everything past the opening credits was a complete disaster.

They tried so desperately hard to have a funny witty movie but there was no wit and very little humor in this 90 minute trash heap.  Even the star studded cast headed up by Silicon Valley’s T.J. Miller as well as Anna Faris and James Corden could only manage to give the theater even a hint of a laugh, all due to Corden’s Hi-5 character.  Along with the movies acceptance message, every line seemed forced, like it was trying to be the next Inside Out but sadly ended up being a tone deaf unfunny kids flick.

For the love of God no matter how much your kids may beg you, do not go and give this movie any of your money.


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